Caribbean Report 02-10-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Electra Naismith (00:00-00:23)
2. ACP and the European Union set out their positions for the Lome negotiations controversy in St. Lucia. Lome discussions are yet to turn to the vital question of the banana industry. That battle is currently continuing in Washington. President of the ACP bloc Billie Miller and Dr Donna Christian-Green are interviewed and Roy Osana and Keith 'Stone' Greaves report (00:24-06:47)
3. Controversy in St. Lucia over banana privatisation. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and Company Secretary Peter Serieux are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (06:48-08:55)
4. It is almost two weeks since Hurricane George began its journey of devastation through the Caribbean. Jeremy Collymore of CDERA is interviewed (08:56-12:40)
5. Opposition Jamaica Labour Party Senator Oswald Harding and Leader of Government Business Maxine Henry-Wilson discuss whether private investment funding will be a reality in the Caribbean; Carol Orr reports (12:41-15:22)