Caribbean Report 07-02-1996

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Rene Preval is sworn in as Haiti's new president (00:31-01:13)
3. Almost two hundred killed in a plane crash off the Dominican Republic. Mark Mackelwhite, United States Coast Guard is interviewed (01:14-04:34)
4. Michael Norton reports on the inauguration of President Rene Preval in Haiti (04:35-06:04)
5. Regional trade and security matters are likely to dominate the discussions between the US Secretary of State and Trinidad and Tobago when Warren Christopher passes through Port of Spain next month (06:06-07:46)
6. Sir Lanka has started lobbying to have its opening matches shifted from Colombo (07:47-08:08)
7. Saudi dissident Mohammad Al-Massari says his cause is being hindered by a rogue editor in Dominica (08:09-10:27)
8. St. Lucia's former ambassador to the United Nations George Odlum officially launched his candidacy for the central Castries seat. Former Ambassador George Odlum is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (10:28-12:55)
9. The government of the British Virgin Islands has decided not to renew its association with the declarations under article 25 and 46 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom (12:56-15:14)