Caribbean Report 27-05-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. As the Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians comes into being today we examine its importance and relevance. Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly Ishmael Roett and Professor Hilary Beckles Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly are interviewed. Bertrand Niles reports (00:34-07:38)
3. Trinidad and Tobago slashes Guyana's multimillion dollar debt by two thirds. Finance Minister Brian Kuei Tung is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (07:39-09:43)
4. Business groups and other groups are complaining that there are too many holidays in Guyana and Independence Day is falling on a Sunday and is being marked by a holiday. Colin Smith reports (09:44-11:05)
5. A political row over burgers continue to simmer in Bermuda. Sir John Swan is interviewed (11:06-13:00)
6. West Indies Cricket Board President Peter Short has admitted that Sri Lanka's short tour of the Caribbean early next year owes little to the fact that Sri Lanka is now the World Cup champion. Warren Gordon reports (13:01-15:23)