Caribbean Report 03-12-1990

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Goffe, Leslie (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent)
Hunte, Julian (interviewee)
Mas Canosa, Jorge (interviewee)
Whitehorne, Pat (correspondent)
O'Neil, William (interviewee)
Henry, Desmond (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:44)
2. The 14th Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean opens tomorrow in Jamaica. Hugh Crosskill interviews Peter Johnson, Executive Director of the Conference and Julian Hunte, leader of the Opposition in St. Lucia.The report also comments the increasing numbers of Caribbean exiles in the United States, with emphasis on Cuban exiles in Miami. Pat Whitehorne reports that Jorge Mas Canosa, one of the most powerful Cuban exile in Miami, recently departed for Czechoslovakia in an attempt to persuade the Czech President to cut all ties with Havana (00:45-10:37)
3. The Lawyer’s Committee on Human Rights in New York published a report claiming that Haiti’s December elections is under threat by the continuing dominance of the Haitian military and judiciary by Duvalist. Interview with William O’Neil of the Lawyer’s Committee on Human Rights (10:38-13:18)
4. The Jamaican Government attempts to woo expatriate monies back home. The Director of Jamaica’s Special Overseas Promotions Office, Desmond Henry, is currently in Britain to garner support for the government’s new policy on foreign exchange accounts of overseas Jamaicans (13:19-14:57)