Caribbean Report 15-07-1993

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. In Jamaica, the problem of crime continues to cause great worry to its population. This is graphically displayed on the front pages of the overseas Gleaner Newspaper. Across the pages are the bullet ridden bodies of a man and two children and an appeal to its readers. The picture shows the aftermath of the murder of sixty-five-year-old, Earl Hines, a witness in a murder case, five-year-old, Audrey Mitchell and her seven-year-old brother, Lamar. They died when gunmen open fire into a house in Hanna Town in Western Kingston. The Gleaner’s comment urges law abiding Jamaicans to protest and calls on Jamaicans abroad to lobby their diplomatic representations to force the government to act and stop the crime wave. Interviews with Virginia Turner, Editor of the Gleaner, New York edition; George Ruddock, Editor of the Gleaner in Britain and Dr. Brian Meeks, political analyst. Yvette Rowe reports (00:35-14:02)
3. From Belize, Prime Minister Manual Esquival wants Belize’s agreement with Guatemala to be re-assessed. Mr. Esquival has already contacted the government of Guatemala asking for a review of the agreement reached with his predecessor, George Price (14:03-14:20)
4. Recap of the Headlines (14:21-15:02)