Caribbean Report 20-11-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. An Opposition GULP cool out from a co-operation pack could leave Grenada's governing New National Party on shaky ground. Lou Smith reports (00:38-03:18)
3. A Trinidadian businessman is pushing policy measures to halt the slide of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar. Trinidadian businessman and President of Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce Michael Arneaud and Finance Minister Brian Kuei Tung are interviewed (03:19-07:30)
4. Hurricane Marco is losing strength and speed and could be down graded to a tropical storm (07:31-08:31)
5. The EU has embarked on a wholesale review of its relations with seventy of the world's poorest countries. Claire Addo reports (08:32-10:45)
6. Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel says he wants to see Belize/Guatemala talks speeded up and border differences resolved. Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel is interviewed (10:46-12:19)
7. Canada has said it will be extending its peacekeeping mission in Haiti once its current mandate expires at the end of the month (12:20-12:53)
8. The Nigerian government has called for an end to its suspension from the Commonwealth. Hilary Andersson reports (12:54-15:25)