Caribbean Report 19-09-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Volcano watchers in Montserrat state further explosions cannot be ruled out. Chief Scientist of the Montserrat Volcano Richie Robertson is interviewed (00:29-01:37)
3. Jamaica gets a new Commissioner of Police. Police Commissioner Francis Forbes, Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party Edward Seaga, National Democratic Movement Winford Charles, Rupert Lewis, Head of the Department of Government, UWI, Mona are interviewed. Jennifer Grant reports (01:38-06:56)
4. Deputy Opposition Leader of Belize Siad Musa has added his voice to the cause for a wider Caribbean trading bloc. Opposition Leader Siad Musa is interviewed (06:57-10:29)
5. French officials in dialogue with the Antigua and Barbuda government over the issue of French fishermen poaching in Antiguan waters say that they are trying to resolve the problem. Peter Murray of the OECS Natural Resources Management Unit is interviewed (10:30-12:29)
6. Man made coral reefs are created out of scrap metal and electricity. Katy Thacker, Negril Marine Park (12:30-15:23)