Caribbean Report 24-03-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ralph Maraj says that both Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company (TRINTOC) and Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) will analyse samples from a petrol shipment that is causing fainting, vomiting and headaches in Haiti, on humanitarian grounds so as to avoid breaching the OAS embargo imposed on Haiti (00:33-01:30)
3. Haitian Roman Catholic Priest Father Yvon Joseph, claims the Dominican Republic is breaking an OAS embargo against Haiti (01:30-04:55)
4. Although the coalition government of the Netherlands Antilles is under threat due to industrial dispute, Prime Minister Maria Liberia Peters says the central government is still intact. Correspondent Eddie Williams comments (04:56-08:06)
5. Trinidad and Tobago’s High Commission building in London came under attack as Kurdish demonstrators clashed with police outside the neighbouring Turkish embassy (08:07-08:43)
6. In Trinidad and Tobago, High Court Judge Clement Brooks reserves judgment in the amnesty claim put forward by the Jamaat al Muslimeen. Correspondent Tony Fraser reports (08:44-10:51)
7. St. Lucia’s Opposition Leader Julian Hunte pleads not guilty to a charge of smashing a chair through a window at a meeting of the elections commission last month (10:52-11:32)
8. Dr. Hilary Beckles, Head of the History Department at the University of the West Indies (UWI) proposes a more equitable distribution of the region’s wealth by democratisation of the economic process in the region (11:33-14:31)