Caribbean Report 12-11-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Montserrat's elected members hammer out the options ahead for forming a coalition government. Governor Frank Savage outlines the necessary steps ahead of installing a new administration. Leader of the People's Progressive Alliance Party John Osborne and Governor Frank Savage are interviewed. James White, Jr reports (00:33-06:27)
3. The United Nations General Assembly votes once again against the US embargo against Cuba but would Washington listen? Rob Watson reports (06:28-09:25)
4. The World Trade Organisation has called on the United States to resist domestic pressures to take unilateral trade action (09:26-09:56)
5. The Nevis Island administration focuses on the secession issue when it meets tomorrow for the second reading of the motion to separate from St. Kitts (09:57-10:43)
6. Jamaica's Police Commissioner says he would investigate reports of drug trafficking linked with ruling party members. Police Commissioner Francis Forbes is interviewed (10:44-11:58)
7. The new Oppositin Leader of Belize Said Musa says he plans to press for legislation aimed at increasing public confidence in the political process. Opposition Leader Said Musa is interviewed (11:59-15:24)