Motivation and reading in children and adolescents: An annotated bibliography



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School of Education, UWI, St. Augustine


This bibliography attempts to provide an overview of the literature available in the area of motivation and reading, and is not intended to be comprehensive. It focuses on reading as a lifelong habit and not as literacy development. The bibliography is intended as a basic research tool for researchers on the topic of reading and motivation in children and adolescents. The introduction provides a review of the literature on the topic and is followed by the bibliography itself, which is organized by some of the factors that affect motivation in reading--parental role, strategies, the library's role, and the role of technology. The final section identifies some websites that should be useful for Internet research on the topic. The strong North American perspective reflected in the bibliography underscores the paucity of Caribbean research on the topic


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Reading, Student motivation, Annotated bibliographies


Fullerton-Rawlins, J. (2006). Motivation and reading in children and adolescents: An annotated bibliography. Caribbean Curriculum, 13, 45-67