Caribbean Report 05-03-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:23)
2. High level talks on the US European Union dispute continue in London with the US Secretary of State Madeline Albright scheduled to meet with UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cooke. The World Trade Organization will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the current impasse. CARICOM negotiator Shridath Ramphal condemns US actions. Ken Richards reports on the ongoing consultations on US retaliatory tariffs (00:24 – 02:52)
3. Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Kenny Anthony will meet with government officials to discuss the ongoing banana trade war between the US and European Union and will continue to lobby for a Caribbean banana regime. Saint Lucia is a major producer of bananas to the EU (02:53 – 5:44)
4. Wakefield Richardson reports on polling results in Anguilla national elections. The Anguilla National Alliance captured three seats, Anguilla United Party and Anguilla Democratic Party each picked up two seats. The former coalition government led by Chief Minister Hubert Hughes will form the next government in Anguilla (05:45 - 6:58)
5. A Commonwealth Observer Group arrives in Antigua ahead of the general election. The Group’s mandate is to meet with political parties, election officials, independent candidates and all interest groups and report its findings to the Commonwealth Secretary General. Keith Stone Greaves reports (06:59 – 08:16)
6. In Guyana, stores remained closed after crowds attacked police and started a fire, riot police used tear gas to disperse a crowd attending a political meeting organised by the opposition People National Congress (PNC). PNC General Secretary Oscar Clarke comments on the incident as an act of disruption and an attempt to injure PNC leader Desmond Hoyte. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon called on Hoyte to decrease inflammatory comments. Colin Smith reports from Guyana. (08: 17 – 10:21)
7. Increasing political tension in Haiti and recent murders draw condemnation from the UN Security Council. The Council calls on political leaders to form a credible electoral council and host open, free, and fair elections. Haitian expert Professor Bert Thomas from Brooklyn College comments on the chaotic situation. Kimberly Anderson Thomas reports (10:22 - 12:22)
8. Creators of the animated TV show Bart Simpson have developed a black version of the series drawing a black audience in the US. Film director Spike Lee denounces the show as perpetrating racial stereotype. Professor Robin Means Coleman author speaks out on the portrayal of African Americans. BBC correspondent Jane Hughes reports (12:23 – 15:22)