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The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus


 On Campus - a look at what's happening on UWI Mona Campus. In this episode of On Campus, UWI news reports that following the quarterly meeting of the University of the West Indies' Board for Undergraduate Studies on May 19, the UWI formerly announced its decision to modify the matriculation requirements specific to academic year 2020/2021. Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Board Professor Clive Landis explains that around the world, universities have had to pivot and adapt to more flexible admissions processes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The feature presentation of this episode examines children's mental health in Covid-19 in highlights from a presentation made at the 3rd teleconference hosted by the Faculty of Medical Sciences on Covid-19. Dean of the faculty Professor TOMLIN PAUL introduces the speaker, Professor MAUREEN SAMMS-VAUGHAN of the Department of Child and Adolescent Health (Child Development and Behaviour), UWI Mona Campus.


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