Caribbean Report 06-10-1992



Table of Contents

1. The final results are yet to be declared from yesterday’s general elections in Guyana. Correspondent Sharief Khan reports on the situation (00:00-02:58)
2. Cheddi Jagan, leader of the People's Progressive Party appears confident of victory at the polls even though final results are yet to be announced (02:59-07:23)
3. David Peterson, Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Team and Ed Broadbent, member of the Carter Center Observer Team both agree that despite administrative problems and other issues, Guyana’s elections was a success. (07:24-11:07)
4. Head of the Carter Center, Jimmy Carter holds a news conference on his team’s final assessment of the conduct of Guyana’s first free and fair elections. Sandra Baptiste reports. (11:08-12:59)
5. The European Community Trade Ministers are sharply divided over the issue of imposing banana quotas for Latin American producers, in favour of Caribbean bananas. (13:00-13:42)
6. In the Dominican Republic plans to have an international extravaganza for the moving of the alleged bones of Christopher Columbus to the newly built Columbus Lighthouse Monument failed today amidst controversy. (13:43-14:44)