Caribbean Report 04-03-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Yvette Rowe (00:00-00:29)
2. An early motion in the British parliament giving support to Caribbean banana farmers is gaining cross party backing. A number of ruling conservative MPs have added an amendment to the opposition leader party sponsored motion. Leader of the Dominica Labour Party, Rosie Douglas is in London to lobby MPs to force debate on the issue. Five years ago Mr. Douglas had recommended that Caribbean producers join the Latin American cartel. Rosie Douglas elaborates on the issue(00:30-03:39)
3. A large labour demonstration took place in Port of Spain, Trinidad to protest government’s economic policies and the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago. However, the expected widespread support did not materialize. Debbie Ransome interviews Tony Fraser about the situation. Labour leader Errol Mc Cloud is also interviewed (03:39-05:32)
4. Michael Manley, head of the Commonwealth Observer team to South Africa said that maintaining credibility is one of the difficult tasks facing his team. As the mission to for a four-week observation of the April poll. The Zulu nationalist Inkatha Freedom party finally registered for elections. Michael Manley is interviewed by correspondent Debbie Ransome about how the observer team expects to maintain its credibility given the polarized views of the South Arica’s political parties(05:33-08:19)
5. his week saw the launch of an expansive new project in Belize aimed at teaching science to school students in North America and Britain. David Reid reports on the Jason Project which beams classes through satellite to students in Bermuda, United States, Canada and Britain. The project founder, Dr. Robert Ballard is interviewed as well as Jason’s project organizer(08:20-10:28)
6. A review of some of the newspaper headlines printer after England’s’ humiliating defeat in St. Vincent (10:31-12:30)
7. Continuation of Debbie Ransome’s interview with former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley who gives his views on what has accounted for the success of the West Indies cricket team. According to Mr. Manley Brian has the potential to be a genius (12:31-14:43)
8. Theme music (14:14-15:00)