Caribbean Report 18-08-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. CARICOM will issue a joint response to recent criticisms of its move to forge closer relations with Cuba. The move follows news of a letter to the US Congress signed by the Ambassadors of the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic distancing themselves from the CARICOM-Cuba Commission. US President, Bill Clinton has invited five Caribbean leaders, including Guyanese President, Cheddi Jagan to a meeting later this month to discuss matters of mutual importance. Interview with Guyana’s President, Cheddi Jagan on what he proposed to discuss at the meeting. Rickey Singh reports (00:25-06:23)
3. The decision not to invite a head of government from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) by US President, Bill Clinton to a meeting has raised some concerns. Chairman of the OECS and Chief Minister of Montserrat, Rueben Meade says that they were not invited and will seek to have that particular situation remedied. Interview with Rueben Meade, Chairman of OECS and Chief Minister of Monserrat (06:24-08:18)
4. The US Agency for International Development reports that its aid assistance to Jamaica will be cut by $17 million this year, with more cuts for 1994. Last year, Jamaica received $67 million. According to US officials, Washington is increasing its assistance towards the newly formed countries from the dissolved Soviet Union. The cutbacks came less than two months after the Clinton’s administration announced it may cut aid to the Caribbean and Latin America because of US budget strain (08:18-08:53)
5. Eighteen Guyanese students who have been occupying their government’s Consul building in Moscow ended their ten-day siege. Guyanese Consul, John Hudson said the students evacuated the building after receiving a letter from the Guyanese government. Interview with John Hudson, Guyana’s Consul in Moscow (08:54-10:50)
6. A group of protestant clergymen is fasting and praying in front of the US diplomatic mission in Havana to protest Washington’s economic embargo on trade with Cuba. The clergymen are protesting in solidarity with an ongoing hunger strike in Laredo, Texas declared by the Reverend Lucius Walker, a Baptist from Brooklyn, New York and a group of his followers from the American organization, Pastors for Peace. Lionel Martin reports (10:51-13:24)
7. Jamaican sprinter, Merlene Ottey is said to be more determined to go for gold in tomorrow’s 200m finals at the World Games in Stuttgart, Germany. Interview with Winthrop Graham, Jamaica’s Team Captain (13:25-15:06)