Caribbean Report 14-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Bombing exercises are to be stopped on Vieques in two years but why are campaigners not fully satisfied? President George Bush and Senator in the Puerto Rico Independence Party Fernando Martin are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (00:30-05:41)
3. Guyana Police Commissioner Laurie Lewis defends his officers against charges of cold blooded executions. Colin Smith reports (05:42-10:16)
4. Rulings of a Grenadian judge are under scrutiny. Bar Association President Ruggles Ferguson is interviewed and Lou Smith reports (10:17-12:33)
5. In Dominica, there has been a further delay to offshore lost that are intended to help the country get of the blacklist of the Financial Action Task Force. Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julius Timothy and Finance Minister Ambrose George are interviewed. Nicole Georges reports from Roseau. (12:34-14:43)
5. Finally black civil rights leaders, politicians and leading figures from the music industry are taking part in a three day Summit in New York. They are celebrating and assessing the impact of hip hop in black America (14:44-15:36)