Caribbean Report 01-05-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines by Leslie Garth (00:00-00:27)
2. As St. Lucia fails to meet the May 1st deadline for the Common External Tariff (CET), its Deputy Prime Minister, George Mallet speaks to Pete Nimvalle as to why his country has not yet implemented it even though the CET takes effect on June 1 (00:28-04:46)
3. The proposed Caribbean Emergency Disaster Response Agency based in Barbados is likely to go into operation next month. Sandra Baptiste spoke with Mr. Frankie Jordan, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety of Barbados, about the scope of this agency (04:47-08:06)
4. Half a million Cubans marched and participated in a three hour long parade to commemorate May Day in Cuba. Lionel Martin reports in Havana. He notes that the turnout to this event shows that Cuba’s socialist regime still appears to have massive support (08:07-10:29)
5. At the 2nd meeting of the Regional Constituent Assembly held in St. Lucia last week, Mr. Vincent Beach, Opposition Leader, St. Vincent Labour Party claims that brakes may have to put in place to halt the Windward Islands political unification. He adds that unless there can be a broad agreement on political unification the entire exercise is bound to fail (10:30-11:38)
6. Mario Mitchell, a local lawyer of the St. Lucia Youth Council expresses dissenting views as he notes that the benefits of the unification are not the dreams of the young St. Lucians
7. On the streets of St. Castries several persons give their views on the unification of the Windward Islands, some argue for and against it (13:12-14:08)
8. Leslie Garth ends broadcast (14:08-14:58)