Caribbean Report 24-01-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Guyana's churches are getting their way against pro-gay legislation. Reverend Juan Edghill is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (00:27-02:30)
3. Former United States President Jimmy Carter has confirmed that he would be heading an international delegation to monitor Guyana's March 19th elections. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Cave Hill Campus Jeff Cumberbatch is interviewed (02:31-06:08)
4. Alleged plot to destabilise the Trinidadian government is dismissed as alarmist. Therese Mills, Editor-in-Chief of the Newsday Newspaper is interviewed (06:09-09:09)
5. Very little chance now of finding more Dominican shipwrecked survivors. There has been a recent exodus from the Dominican Republic as there has been a rumour going on in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic about the fact that illegal migrants would have their situation legalised in Puerto Rico. They are trying to escape economic hardship in their homeland. Emma Joseph and Jean-Michel Caroit report (09:10-11:24)
6. United States-based Freedom House has been drowned into the controversy surrounding the arrest of two Czech citizens Ivan Pilip and Jan Bubenik by the authorities in Havana. Megan Jones reports (11:25-12:55)
7. Australia's Cricket Board is threatening to drop Mark Waugh from the Australian Team if it does not reconsider his decision to refuse to be interviewed by anti-corruption investigator Malcolm Speed. Julian Abbott of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is interviewed. Warren Gordon reports (12:56-15:25)