Caribbean Report 05-05-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00: 37)
2. In Guyana, the paramilitary force was called out to assist government combat a crippling strike by government sector workers. Worker unions are demanding a pay increase of forty present but the government is offering less than 5 present. Consultative talks are being hosted between the government and union workers. Public Service Union President Patrick Yard warns of a prolonged strike and the possibility of leaders going to arbitration to end the protest. Ken Richards and Colin Smith report (00: 37 - 05: 24)
3. The Dutch Caribbean Islands of Aruba and Curacao will play a major role in stemming the illegal flow of drugs through the region as a result of the closure of the US main anti-drug coordinating center in Panama. Peter Greste reports (05: 24 - 07: 18)
4. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank warns of fraudulent notes passed off as genuine EC currency. This advisory follows two separate incidences of counterfeiting in Nevis and Saint Lucia. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Deputy Governor Errol Allen discusses the seriousness of the problem. Ken Richards reports (07: 19 - 09: 50)
5. In pending World Trade Organization elections for the new Director General Thai candidate Supachai Panitchpakdi has signaled that he has no intention of withdrawing from the race despite waning support (09: 51 - 10: 12)
6. The Montserrat government is targeting a one year period before drawing down on European Union funds totaling sixty million. Chief Minister David Brandt in talks with overseas EU Commissioners emphasised the need for establishing a special fund for volcano ravaged Montserrat and other Caribbean states prone to natural disasters (10: 13 - 12: 35)
7. In the House of Commons, British Prime Minister Tony Blair restates his government intention to punish those responsible for the nail bomb attack aimed at London Afro Caribbean, Asian and Gay communities (12: 36 - 13: 19)
8. The South African football team is in Trinidad and Tobago preparing for a friendly international. The team will then proceed to Jamaica to play a friendly game in Kingston. Orin Gordon reports (13: 20 – 14:41)
9. Six members of a Cuban baseball delegation who missed their flight back to Cuba from the US have now left for Havana after US authorities decided that they were not seeking asylum (14: 41 - 15: 24)