Caribbean Report 09-07-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. According to the British, Montserrations will decide whether to evacuate the island or stay. Under-Secretary in the Department for International Development, George Foulkes is interviewed (00:26-03:22)
3. Representatives from St. Lucia's Red Cross are in Montserrat today to look at ways they could help the residents left on the island. St. Lucia's Red Cross Director Terrencia Gailland is interviewed (03:23-04:35)
4. A steady flow of Montserratians into Antigua is creating a strain on them. Winston Derrick of the Daily Observer and George Foulkes, Under-Secretary in the Department for International Development are interviewed (04:36-08:40)
5. The British Airways strike - How Jamaica coped today? Eddie McMermit, Union Representative and James Morgan, BBC Economic Correspondent are interviewed (08:41-10:54)
6. Brutal murders associated with domestic violence in Trinidad and Tobago have forced the authorities to take steps to arrest the problem. Journalist Jill Dunagan reports and Susan Shepherd of the Trinidad and Tobago Express and Raveena Persad of the Hindu Women's Organisation are interviewed (10:55-13:24)
7. Cuba prepares for the return of the body of Che Guevara. Rosie Hayes reports (13:25-15:25)