Caribbean Report 13-07-1990


The president of Haiti’s Council of State says that the return of Roger Lafontant and Williams Regala has jeopardized the upcoming elections in November and recommends the arrest of these two former military leaders given their alleged record of torture and murder in the past. Secondly, over 40 Haitians drowned and 250 survived as they attempted to sail to the Bahamas as illegal immigrants. In the Dominican Republic, election results are still pending two months after the presidential elections and the instability of the country is exacerbated by a current shortage of diesel fuel on the island. Following the Financial News, St. Lucia’s Deputy Prime Minister held meetings with the British Department of Transport in London seeking to convince them of a need for a second air service out of the UK to St. Lucia. The report concludes with Stories of Caribbean Interest Appearing in the British Press.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:400
2. Roy Louis, President of Haitian Council of State issues a message as pressure mounts in Haiti for the arrest of Roger Lafontant and Williams Regala. Hugh Croskill interviews Louis Roy (00:41-03:51)
3. Forty Haitian refugees drown attempting to reach the Bahamas. Bob Simpson of the British radio programme, Today, interviews Roger Carroll, BBC New York correspondent (03:52-06:30)
4. Mounting social and political tension in the Dominican Republic as fuel supplies run low. Jean Michel Caroit reports (06:31-08:10)
5. Financial News. Geoff Pyne, Oil Analyst, comments on the price of crude oil and Paulette Buchanan Calder reports on the steady growth of tourism in Jamaica (08:11-09:55)
6. St. Lucia's Deputy Prime Minister, George Mallet, seeks redress at the British Department of Transport. Sandra Baptiste interviews George Mallet (09:56-12:02)
7. Stories of Interest Appearing in the British Press. Leslie Garth reports (12:03-15:02)