OP22 - Holder, Thelma; McDavid, Hannali; Eastman, Elrick

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2010-06-09T15:31:56Z, 9/28/1990; 10/1/1990

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Thelma Holder, who was eighty-one at the time of the interview, was born in Panama of Guyanese parents and grew up in New York. Hannali McDavid was born in Guyana and came to New York at the age of twenty-seven. She worked with the New York Transit Authority for nineteen years before entering the catering field. Judge Elrick Eastman was born in the U.S. of Guyanese parents and grew up in Guyana between the ages of five and thirteen. He returned to live in New York from 1936, later studied law and ended up as a family court judge.


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Guyana, Legal Profession, Brethren Church, Adult Education, New York, Garvey Marcus, Afro-Americans, Adult Fiction, Biographies, Women, Diaspora, Guyanese, Imperialism, Economic Consequences, Social Consequences