Caribbean Report 08-01-1991


This program reports on the resignation of Dr. Don Blackman, Member of Parliament of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Dr. Blackman was seen as a very controversial figure and politician since he was always outspoken about racial issues that impacted on the country’s social and economic landscape. He was seen by some as a critic of Barbados’ white population, a view which was not fully supported by the private and other sectors. Some argue that his resignation indicates that there was disunity within the DLP party. A report is done on the newly formed interim government in Surname and the composition of the new cabinet following the military coup. Economists from Trinidad and Tobago provide a review of the country’s economy since the recent Christmas budget. An update on the political situation in Haiti is also provided following the recent coup activity where it is reported that 60 persons were killed and 60 were wounded in the capital. Also, Guyana and Belize become fully fledged members of the Organization for American States (OAS).


In segment 2, contains a clip of Dr. Don Blackman speaking on the issue of race stemming from the cruelties and exploitation of colonisation.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:41)
2. Report on the resignation of Barbados Member of Parliament, Mr. Don Blackman (00:42-02:14)
3. Trevor Prescod, a close friend of Dr. Don Blackman and former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Senator comments on some of the reasons which may have led to Dr. Blackman’s resignation (02:15-05:39)
4. Henry Ford, Leader of Opposition, Barbados Labour Party comments on the resignation of Dr. Blackman and explains whether it would result in the departure of the race debate (05:40-08:19)
4. Report on the composition of the new cabinet that was installed in Surname and the plans for future governance (08:20-10:24)
5. A report on the review of the Trinidad and Tobago economy by two economists (10:25 -13:48)
6. Update on the death toll in Haiti following the recent coup and Guyana and Belize become members of OAS (13:49-14:58)