Caribbean Report 27-05-1992



The headlines and part of the first segment are missing.

Table of Contents

1. Report starts midway into the first news item with a look at what in the absence of an effective embargo could be done to end the Haitian crisis (00:00-02:08)
2. Prime Ministers Eugenia Charles and John Compton talk to correspondent Pete Ninvalle about their reaction to the Manning initiative which proposes an economic union between Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Barbados (02:09-05:03)
3. Pat Thompson, Executive Director of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce reacts positively to the Manning initiative seeing it as a means of initiating a reformed CARICOM in which those states which are ready to move forward can do so while leaving the door open for others when they are ready (05:04-07:53)
4. Prime Ministers Eugenia Charles (Dominica), John Compton (St. Lucia) and James Fitz-Allen Mitchell (St Vincent and the Grenadines) meet in St. Lucia to discuss the future of banana exports to Europe (07:56-08:44)
5. The Radisson Diamond, a new luxury cruise liner is set to make regular voyages around the Caribbean from October. President of Diamond Cruise Inc. Christian Aspegren talks about future plans for the liner (08:45-12:14)
6. Former world heavy weight boxing champion Muhammad Ali makes a special visit to brain damaged British boxer, Michael Watson (12:15-12:40)