Caribbean Report 08-07-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:27)
2. Jamaica Justice Minister K. D. Knight promises to deploy additional security and introduce curfews in troubled areas in the capital as the government seek to address a spate of violent crimes which has claimed 25 lives in one week. Radio talk show host Wilmot Perkins points to migration from rural areas to the capital, political, social and economic problems as possible contributing factors to the increase in crime and calls for fundamental political reform as a solution to the problem (00:28 – 03:08)
3. Debbie Ransome provides a summary report on the recently concluded CARICOM Summit in Trinidad highlighting trade, justice, foreign negotiations and the postponement of the agreement to establish the Caribbean Court of Justice as major issues discussed. Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson calls on regional finance ministers’ to approve the funding of the court and legislators to draft a bill for the transfer of power from the Britain Privy Council. He also outlines a timeframe for appeals and qualifications in appointment of judges. At the summit leaders were able to complete signing of several trade protocols to implement steps towards a common market and establishing a special regime for CARICOM smaller states. Basdeo Panday calls for a removal of constraints on trade. Keith Mitchell comments on his role in organizing a mission to Haiti to oversee future elections (03:09 - 07:02)
4. Jamaica Queens Counsel Howard Hamilton discusses the legal profession views on the role and function of the Caribbean Court of Justice and key issues of administration and budget to be addressed before the court is established. Keith Stone Greaves reports (07:03 – 09:07)
5. St. Lucia Agriculture Minister Cassius Elias dismisses the view that St. Lucia wishes to sever links with the Windward Islands Banana Development & Exporting Co Ltd (WIBDECO). Keith Stone Greaves reports (09:08 – 11:34)
6. Antiguans are preparing to bid final farewell to former Prime Minister Vere Bird Senior who died on June 28 after battling a urinary infection. Several Caribbean Heads of states, and officials are expected to attend the funeral. Louis Daniels reports on the public viewing of the body as it lies in state and the anguish exhibited by Antiguans and Barbudians (11:35 – 13:48)
7. Doctors meeting at the British Medical Association annual conference voted overwhelmingly to press for radical overhaul of transplant laws. Ed Butler reports (13:49 – 15:32)