English Literature Texts Chosen for In-School Study: How Congruent Are Teachers’ Text Choices and Adolescent Students’ Reading Interests?



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This study explored the congruence between teachers’ English Literature text choices and students’ reading interests at five secondary schools in the St. George East Educational District in Trinidad and Tobago. Data were collected through interviews with 45 students (20 boys and 25 girls) from Forms 1 to 3, and the heads of the English department at each school. The findings revealed that there was a large gap between what students chose to read and the reading materials selected by teachers at the lower secondary level. It was also found that lack of motivation, resulting from a disconnect between teacher choice and student interest, was the main factor in the students’ resistance to teacher-selected resources.


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English literature, Secondary school teachers, Secondary school students, Reading habits, Student motivation, Lower secondary education, Textbooks, Case studies, Trinidad and Tobago