The Dynamics of Student Violence against Teachers at a Co-Educational Secondary School in the St. George East Education District of Trinidad and Tobago: Teachers’ Perceptions



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Through interviews with four teachers, this qualitative case study investigated the dynamics and repercussions of student violence against teachers at a secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. The findings revealed that the teachers experienced various acts of violence that were verbal, physical, sexual, social, and technological in nature. This type of student violence was attributable to: a) school-related influences identified as: 1) unproductive climate, 2) weak administration, 3) negative teacher behaviours, and 4) the inability to meet the needs and interests of students; b) students’ family background; and c) individual traits. Negative repercussions of student violence toward teachers were identified as: 1) an adverse effect on teachers’ psycho-emotional wellbeing, 2) changes in career, 3) avoidance behaviours, and 4) teachers’ weakened capacity to discipline delinquent students.


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