Caribbean Report 02-07-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00:36)
2. Common currency is identified as a key issue ahead of tomorrow's Caricom Heads of Government Conference. Dwight Venner, Governor of the Central Bank of the OECS is interviewed and Carol Orr reports (00:37-04:25)
3. According to Finance Minister Brian Kuei Tung Trinidad and Tobago would have a hard time taking sides in any Cuba United States dispute. Finance Minister Brian Kuei Tung is interviewed (04:26-05:35)
4. A regional economist warns that a single market and economy may not be the best strategy for the global market place. ECLAC Senior Economist Trevor Harker is interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (05:36-07:54)
5. London-based Christian Aid is painting a grim picture of life in Montserrat where residents are learning to co-exist with an active volcano. Senior Policy Advisor Robert Archer and CDERA's co-ordinator Jeremy Collymore are interviewed. Ken Richards and James White, Jr report (07:55-10:18)
6. Cuban authorities worry about the possibility for more sporting defections during the Olympic Games. Rosie Hayes and Roberto Colon, Reporter Miami Herald report (10:19-13:19)
7. A report published in Britain today suggest that the national lottery and treasury cards will undermine Britain's aid contribution to developing countries. Senior Policy Advisor with Charity Christian Aid Robert Archer is interviewed (13:20-15:21)