Caribbean Report 22-07-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. A US Trade Representative Carla Hill and the Caricom Secretary General Rodrick Rainford signed a framework agreement establishing a US/Caribbean trade and investment council. This marks the first step of the Caribbean becoming a part of the Enterprise of the Americas Initiative. Ambassador Miles Frechette, the Assistant US Trade Representative for Latin America states that the Common External Tariff has to go before Caricom embraces the EMI (00:38-02:43)
3. Pan Am is confident that its Caribbean routes will survive the airlines liquidation after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. Pan Am’s Corporate Commercial Division Chief, Alan Loflin, indicated that if PanAm strikes a deal with Delta then the Caribbean routes will be maintained (02:44-06:32)
4. Cuba’s President, Fidel Castro, returns from the Latin American Summit in Mexico without any firm commitment from Latin American countries to offer economic assistance to revive the Cuban economy. Lionel Martin reports from Havana that Castro is still satisfied with making known his ideas of Latin American integration at the summit (06:33-08:47)
5. St. Vincent establishes a national council in defense of law and order in an effort to oust the island’s Police Commissioner, Randolph Toussaint . Colin Williams reports from Kingstown on the dissatisfaction of the leadership of the police force (08:48-11:20)
6. An estimated $250 million of cocaine is floating around in Suriname unable to exit the country due to a clampdown in the country. The Surinamese authority announced an all-out war on drugs with the assistance from the American Drug Enforcement Agency. Chandra van Bennendijk reports (11:21-13:34)
7. West Indies defeats Kent at Canterbury today. Tony Cozier reports on the exciting victory (13:35-14:56)