Caribbean Report 06-06-1990


Eugenia Charles, Dominica’s Prime Minister, says she agrees with the controversial proposals by the British government for the regulation of the banana market in Europe after 1992. The proposal calls for the imposition of set quotas for dollar banana imports and a ten percent tariff. The newly elected opposition leader of Dominica is unhappy with the prime minister’s acceptance of the British proposals and supports the Caribbean Banana Exporters Association in its rejection of the document. Following the Financial News, the Caribbean Regional Consumers Council plans to set up databases in two islands in an effort to make consumer related information more easily available. A health database will be established in Barbados and a public utilities database in Trinidad. The report concludes with the assertion by David Jessop of the West India Committee in London that if the Caribbean is to successfully develop export markets in Europe after 1992, it must develop new and practical approaches.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. Dominica's Prime Minister Eugenia Charles, says she is a realist and has to accept the British proposals on bananas. Hugh Crosskill interviews Eugenia Charles and Eddison James, Opposition Leader in Dominica (00:44-08:12)
3. Financial News. Geoff Pyne, oil analyst, comments on the recent fall in oil prices (08:13-09:42)
4. Hazel Brown, Trinidadian Consumer Advocate, says it is time to sensitize the politicians to consumer needs. Hugh Crosskill interviews Hazel Brown (09:43-14:01)
5. London-based West India Committee says the Caribbean has failed to prepare itself for penetration of European markets in 1992 (14:02-14:40)