Caribbean Report 04-05-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Fears that a bout of political violence is about to break out in Haiti rises following the shooting of Senator Raoul Remy, who is well known for his opposition to international involvement in Haiti’s political stalemate. Correspondent Michael Norton reports (00:37-03:04)
3. Two high officials are implicated in claims of drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic. One of them works in the palace with President Joaquín Balaguer who is calling for proof. Correspondent Jean-Michel Cardouat reports (03:05-05:03)
4. Trinidad and Tobago’s Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday in his delivery of the feature address at the third congress of the Movement for National Unity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, tells his opposition colleagues that only the most optimistic can see CARICOM as part of the solution to the region’s problems. Correspondent Colin James reports from Kingstown (05:04-08:50)
5. Dame Eugenia Charles defends Dominica’s decision to grant citizenship to a select number of Hong Kong and Taiwan businesspeople saying the move will create employment and earn foreign exchange (09:00-11:22)
6. The Australian management company, Minproc Engineers is awarded the contract to restore efficiency and competitiveness to the Guyana Bauxite Industry Development Company Ltd. by the Guyanese government. Correspondent Sharief Khan speaks with Bernard Crawford, head of the Guyana owned bauxite company and Brian Maher head of operations for Minproc Engineers (11:23-14:14)