Caribbean Report 24-11-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Venezuela renews its old claim to a large trunk of Guyana. Warren Gordon reports (00:29-02:28)
3. World Trade Organisation to discuss the European Union/United States trade row in Geneva tomorrow. Economic correspondent James Morgan and Financial Times correspondent Neil Buckley are interviewed (02:29-07:12)
4. Senior Caribbean Diplomat in London believes the recent hurricane disaster in the Caribbean and Central America have underscored the need for sharper focus on the vulnerability of Small States. Antigua and Barbuda High Commissioner Ronald Sanders is interviewed (07:13-10:14)
5. In Jamaica, the execution of two death row prisoners Darlton Daley and Peter Blaine could be postponed following legal challenges (10:15-10:59)
6. In Cuba, one of the freed political prisoners Desi Mendoza Rivero said he had no choice but to accept the government's condition to leave the country. Desi Mendoza Rivero was released during the weekend along with Jesus Chamber Ramirez. Rosie Hayes reports (10:58-12:41)
7. Seychelles in the Pacific will be transformed in two days when eighty-six beauty contestants vie for the Miss World Title. Jeanette Marie La Caille represents Trinidad and Tobago. Miss La Caille is interviewed (12:42-15:27)