Caribbean Report 18-05-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Two talk show host in Guyana Mark Benschop and Ronald Waddell face charges for insighting post election riots. Colin Smith reports (00:30-02:09)
3. Cuba's President Fidel Castro returns home from his world tour. Nick Caistor reports (02:10-05:21)
4. Dominican police in Santo Domingo have arrested a man in connection with the killing of two people that sparked days of rioting and demonstrations in poor areas of the city. Editor and Chief of the Dominican Daily Newspaper El Caribe Bernando Vega is interviewed (05:22-08:53)
5. Caricom Health Ministers have begun a new initiative that could revolutionize the treatment of AIDS in the region. St. Lucia's Health Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (08:54-11:20)
6. Caribbean government sponsored initiative to help improve black British children's education. School Minister Jackie Smith and Winston Best of Barbados are interviewed. Rosie Hayes reports (11:21-14:36)
7. Translation of the Jamaican's government budget into patois by a Literature Professor Dr. Carolyn Cooper is causing waves on the island. Dr. Carolyn Cooper is interviewed (14:37-15:40)