Caribbean Report 22-05-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Electra Naysmith (00:00-00:25)
2. Trinidad's Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence proposes to establish an extension of the local Court of Appeal which could take over jurisdiction of the Privy Council as he continues to put mechanisms in place to restart hanging. Tony Fraser reports (00:26-02:37)
3. There is growing pressure on Haiti to resolve its political impasse as the parliamentary stalemate has left the country without a working government for almost a year. The US government is intensifying its efforts to broker an agreement (02:38-04:47)
4. The UK-based Montserrat Project has welcomed the announcement by Britain's Immigration Minister that Montserratians will be allowed to remain indefinitely in Britain (04:48-06:33)
5. Former Governor of Montserrat, Frank Savage will become the next Governor of the British Virgin Islands. Mr. Savage comments on what he expects for his new post (06:34-09:45)
6. The St. Lucia Parliament officially recognised Creole as a formal language and the approval of this law allows for the use of Creole in parliamentary address. Pete Ninvalle reports (09:46-12:30)
7. Authorities in the Dominican Republic have questioned a former Defence Minister about the disappearance of an opposition politician, Narciso Gonzalez in 1994 (12:31-12:55)
8. Most young people in the Caribbean who are inspired to think about sporting scholarships only have access to athletic and basketball stints with American colleges but now a Polish businessman has establish an international football school in Poland. James Coomarasamy reports (12:56-15:08)