Caribbean Report 18-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:30)
2. Residents in the south eastern Caribbean are keeping close watch on tropical storm Jose, the tenth weather system to form in the Atlantic this season. Forecasters predict that system can develop into a hurricane with strong winds and flooding in low lying areas. Bertram Niles reports on preparation in Barbados. Director of Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service Eli Henry comments on the path and impact of the storm (00:31 – 04: 20)
3. Presidents of Central American countries devastated by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 which killed 9,000 persons are participating in a two day summit in Guatemala City focusing on measures to reduce the regions vulnerability to natural disasters (04: 21 - 04: 46)
4. The Caribbean will be represented at a special Commonwealth mission to Pakistan to meet with the military regime following the overthrow of elected government. Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Minister and chair of the group Simbarashe Simbanenduku Mumbengegwi speaks on the decision to attend and constitutionality of the coup. Commonwealth secretary general Chief Emeka Anyaoku, discusses the group’s decision to suspend Pakistan from membership of the Commonwealth. Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Billie Miller discusses adherence to democracy by member nations (00:47 - 08: 15)
5. Caribbean leaders are being questioned by Billie Miller on their role in neglecting African American legislators in the US Congressional Black Caucus who stands ready to advocate and serve as intermediary and influence in US policies and issues - banana regime and deportations affecting the region. Bevan Springer reports from New York (08:16 – 10:29)
6. In Guyana High Court Judge Winston Moore refused to grant an application for the continuing stay of execution for two condemned prisoners (10: 30 – 11:19)
7. The governor of Netherland Antilles Jaime Saleh advised former Prime Minister Miguel Arcangel Pourier to form a government within the next 14 days following the collapse of central government with a public sector debt of 2 billion US dollars. Pourier outlines priorities of his new government. Mike Jarvis outlines challenges of the local and federal government (11:20 – 14:05)
8. Pentagon Committee in the US is recommended that the US navy be allowed to resume live fire military training on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico despite protests and objections by government officials and persons living in San Juan. Military operations were suspended in April when a Puerto Rican military guard was killed by a stray missile from training ground (14:06 – 15:27)