Caribbean Report 27-08-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Growing concerns in Cuba over the future of the island’s relations with the Soviet Union since the demise of Mikhail Gorbachev. Lionel Martin reports that in the midst of uncertainty between the long-time allies and trading partners, President Castro’s critics rejoice at the downfall of the Soviet Communist Party (00:37-02:55)
3. According to David Jessop, Executive Director of West India Committee, unless the Caribbean countries speed up the pace of regional integration, there is a real danger that the larger countries of the western Caribbean could form a western Caribbean trading bloc. He also predicts that the future plans for the Communist Party Congress in Havana in October will be reshaped by the upheaval in the USSR (02:56-07:17)
4. St. Martin’s two-month old coalition government between the St. Martin Patriotic Alliance and the Progressive Democratic Party has collapsed. Eddie Williams reports that the PDP broke away after weeks of internal quibbling over the airport expansion project (07:18-08:49)
5. Rumors are circulating in Antigua that the former Deputy PM, Lester Bird, is preparing to launch a new political party. Hugh Crosskill interviews Tim Hector, Antigua’s political commentator and newspaper publisher (08:50-11:40)
6. Antigua’s Lester Bird recently announced new economic measures for the country, including a freeze on government employment and capital expenditure; a reduction in overseas travel for government ministers; rescheduling of debt; and the launch of a campaign to collect outstanding taxes (11:41-12:03)
7. World sugar production is predicted to fall below consumption levels for 1991-1992. Chris Pack, Commodity Analyst, states that the production of raw sugar is set to rise in Central and South America, and the US market is expected to contract. Against this backdrop, Clico an insurance company in Trinidad has decided to branch out into the production and refining of sugar. Interview with Winston Cox, Senior Vice President of Clico in Barbados (12:04-14:20)
8. Jamaica’s PM Michael Manley is scheduled to visit Puerto Rico this week to attend the annual Caribbean Basin Conference (14:21-14:55)