Caribbean Report 07-01-1991


This program highlights the current political situation in Haiti following the overnight coup attempt by Roger La Fontant which was followed by his arrest. During this unrest, 30 persons were killed and following the arrest of La Fontant the country is returning to normalcy. Raymond Joseph, Haiti Ambassador to the United States explains how he learnt that the coup attempt in Haiti was foiled. He also comments on the United States of America’s support for the Haitian government during this critical period in its governance. It is also reported that Dr. Don Blackman will not be contesting the upcoming Barbados elections. Ricky Singh gives his views on this new development and suggests that this may be the end of Dr. Blackman’s political career.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:21)
2. Louis de Jour, Haitian Politian reports on the current political state of Haiti following the arrest of Roger La Fontant (01:22-03:45)
3. Michael Norton reports on the high death toll in Haiti during the unrest. (03:46-06:34)
4. Raymond Joseph explains how he found out that the coup attempt in Haiti was foiled (06:35-09:18)
5. Dr. Don Blakman decides to abstain from contesting the upcoming elections in Barbados due to personal considerations (09:19-10:54)
6. Ricky Singh gives his insights on the impact of Dr. Blackman absence in the upcoming elections in Barbados (10:55-14:59)