Caribbean Report 08-03-1989


Queen Elizabeth II visits Barbados and is to address the island’s three hundred and fifty years of Parliament. The people of Antigua and Barbuda go to the polls tomorrow with the ruling Antigua Labour Party dominated by Vere Bird, Sr. predicting a victory. Opposition candidates are highly critical of the unfair poll leads by the government. Ministers from the European Community and Central America meet at a summit in Honduras to improve trade, particularly “dollar bananas”. In London, a new development agency was launched on International Women’s Day, Womankind. This agency would look at the needs and aspirations of women in developing countries, promoting and funding their initiatives. The Canadian enquiry into drug use by athletes continues with lawyers for Ben Johnson and Dr. Jamie Asterfan taking the stand.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. Queen Elizabeth II visits Barbados (00:39-02:31)
3. Elections in Antigua and Barbuda (02:32-05:37)
4. Financial News (05:38-07:08)
5. Ministers from the European Community and Central American meet in Honduras to improve access for Central American produce into the European market (07:09-10:00)
6. The launch of Womankind, a new development agency on International Women's Day in London (10:01-11:50)