Caribbean Report 08-11-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. In the Cayman Islands, a no-confidence motion against the leader of government business Kurt Tibbett is being debated by the legislative assembly. Joel Francis of Radio Cayman comments (00:27-03:27)
3. Jamaicans to use technologically advanced voting procedures in constitutionally due 2003 general elections (03:28-05:27)
4. Police in Jamaica made what is described as the biggest ammunition find in the country’s history (05:28-06:58)
5. The WTO begins its bi-annual meeting in Doha Qatar, amid continuing uncertainty about a new round of global trade negotiations (06:59-08:31)
6. International campaign group Green Peace calls on the World Trade Organisation to cancel talks on trade liberalization and instead focus on forcing the Bush administration to take responsibility for producing 25% greenhouse gases Remi Parmentier of Green Peace International comments (08:33-11:44)
7. Bermuda raises close to 9 billion in insurance capital since the September 11th terror attacks (11:45-13:37)
8. The US offers to send assistance to hurricane ravaged Cuba. However, the Fidel Castro government cannot administer the aide directly because of the long standing embargo (13:58-15:24)