Caribbean Report 23-08-1999 



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:00 – 00:32)
2. The World Trade Organization is in dispute following a decision to allow businessmen to underwrite the bill for the upcoming WTO Ministerial meeting in Seattle. Organizers have actively sought sponsorship from the public and private sectors to sponsor 9.2 million dollars in bills. Patricia Davis member of host Seattle meeting addresses concerns over issues of sponsorships by business interests and access to leaders of the 34 member WTO countries. Ronnie Hall spokesperson for the British based lobby group Friends of the Earth shares his group plans to protest at the meeting (0:33 – 07:39)
3. The first hurricane of the 1999 season Bret has been recorded in Texas with heavy rains and strong winds of over 140 mph. Mark Barbinack reports on site in Corpus Christi Texas on the devastation and damaged caused by the hurricane. James Franklin forecaster at the National Hurricane Center predicts the anticipation of La Nina and above normal hurricane season. James Ryan Chairman of the Cayman Islands National Hurricane Committee shares lessons learnt from the passage of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 (07:40 – 12:06)
4. England has been confirmed as the worst cricket team in the world by latest Wisden Unofficial Rankings following the loss of the series against New Zealand. Editor of Wisden Cricket monthly Tim De Lisle analyses the poor ranking. Orin Gordon reports on the state of England cricket. Emma Joseph interviews citizens on the street on the demise of the English team. England captain Nasser Hussain discusses his team response to the rankings (12:06 - 15:27)