Caribbean Report 12-04-1990


Haiti is to receive more than six million dollars in aid and loans from the French Government. The United States also announced an aid package worth over forty million dollars to the Haitians. Secondly, Puerto Rico announces the sale of its telecommunication system to raise money for educational reforms and improvement of the country’s infrastructure. However, there is opposition to the sale from various trade unions and government politicians in Puerto Rico. This move to privatize the telecommunication company has already attracted bids from the United States, Spain, Japan and Germany. Thirdly, a high powered Soviet delegation arrived in Havana for a week of talks about the future of Cuba’s economic ties with the Soviet Union. The visit comes at a time of increased Cuban dependency on Moscow, as the island’s trading links with Eastern Europe are threatened by the collapse of communism. The Soviet is anxious to reduce its costly overseas commitments including the annual five to seven billion dollars of aid to Cuba. Following the Financial News, Bermuda hosts British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and the United States President, George Bush, as the two leaders meet to discuss arms control. Upon her arrival, the British Prime Minister received mixed reception from the Bermudians. The report concludes with coverage of the meeting between Cuba’s President, Fidel Castro and representatives of the Ecumenical Council of Cuba.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. France resumes economoc aid to Haiti. Greg Chamberlain reports from Paris (00:28-02:18)
3. Sale of telecommunication system in Puerto Rico. Rafael Matos reports from San Juan, Puerto Rico (02:19-05:02)
4. Soviet delegation arrives in Cuba for talks with Fidel Castro. Alan Tomlinson reports from Havana (05:03-06:59)
5. Financial News. Jeff Hinds of Phillips and Drew comments the price of oil on the world market (07:00-08:34))
6. British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, arrives in Bermuda to a mixed reception (08:35-10:26)
7. Cuban President, Fidel Castro, meets with representatives of Cuba's Protestant grouping, the Ecumenical Council (10:37-14:16)