Ministry of Education: National School Code of Conduct, Revised May 25, 2018



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Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago


The revision of the Code of Conduct was triggered by three salient realities, namely: (i) the enactment of new legislation that impacts the school and children in general, (ii) the pervasiveness of the Internet and social media with their concomitant influence on cyber-related infractions and (iii) the need to update responsibilities and standards in light of new approaches to the maintenance of discipline in schools under the ambit of School-Based Management. The document therefore addresses issues such as the responsible use of technology, cyberbullying, data security and privacy and social media. All references to relevant laws were updated and the consequences for infraction have been amended to include new approaches, inclusive of student and parent conferences and initiatives aimed at deterring recidivism.


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Education, School, Code of conduct