Caribbean Report 15-10-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. CARDI officials are not able to confirm reports that the Pink Mealybug has taken root in St. Vincent. Director of Technical Programmes, CARDI Headquarters, Trinidad and Tobago Dr Samsoondar Parasram, Editor of the News Newspaper Therese Daniel and Coordinator of the Windward Islands Farmers Association Renwick Rose are interviewed (00:30-07:20)
3. EU objections to the US Helms-Burton law due to come up formally at the World Trade Organisation. Ken Richards reports (07:21-08:24)
4. A hurricane watch could be posted for the western tip of Cuba later today as a rapidly developing tropical depression heads in that direction. Robert Pankow reports (08:25-09:55)
5. The region's subgroups told to get it right on the question of Caribbean integration. Author Dr Christoph Mullerleile reports (09:56-12:55)
6. The Caribbean region boast of a skills base to allow for investment flows into the area which targets Latin and North America's markets according to Dr Bhoe Tewarie. Dr Bhoe Tewarie is interviewed (12:56-13:46)
7. A Scottish Court today reserves judgement on the case of a white foster couple fighting to keep a four year old girl from being returned to her Jamaican mother. James Shaw reports (13:47-15:25)