Caribbean Report 02-10-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Dominica takes its complaint against the WTO to the United Nations. Prime Minister of Dominica, Edison James is interviewed (00:26-02:09)
3. The Caribbean banana case was again being highlighted by a British government official today at the Labour Party's conference in Britain. Agriculture Secretary, James Cunningham is interviewed (02:10-03:13)
4. Conditions in Montserrat worsen. Wet ash is causing unbearable conditions for drivers. Residents in Central Montserrat are complaining about a police enforced curfew. James White, Jr is interviewed (03:14-04:58)
5. The United States and the European Union are said to be making progress in their dispute over investment in Cuba. James Foley, US State Department Spokesman is interviewed and E. Smith reports (04:59-06:18)
6. Haitian Foreign Minister Fritz Longchamp has been telling the United Nations General Assembly that his government has confidence in its fledgling police force. Haitian police will be ready to take over when the United Nations troups leave in November. Michael Norton reports (06:19-09:20)
7. Britain is getting tougher on racially motivated violent crime. Home Secretary Jack Straw, Colin Bailey, Chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers and Prime Minister Tony Blair are interviewed. Ken Richards reports (09:21-11:42)
8. The Jamaican football team is preparing for one of its the biggest matches in the country's history. The Reggae Boyz is playing the United States in Washington tomorrow. Simon Crosskill of Radio Jamaica and Horace Burrell, President of the Jamaican Football Association are interviewed (11:43-14:42)
9. Former West Indies cricketer Gordon Greenidge has been made an honorary Bangladesh citizen (14:43-15:29)