Caribbean Report 13-04-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. The European Community votes unanimously for the peace keeping force, Blue Helmets, to be sent to Haiti to safeguard efforts to restore democracy. A Dutch Parliamentarian is interviewed (00:32-04:01)
3. Neil Kinnock, leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party, announces that he is to step down following the party’s fourth straight electoral defeat over the nine years he has been the leader. UWI lecturer in government, Brian Meeks comments (04:02-07:58)
4. CARICOM member states, namely Trinidad and Tobago, Belize and St. Kitts / Nevis, fail to meet the April second target date for the dismantling of licences on CARICOM goods. Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism, Brian Kuei Tung, Montserrat’s Chief Minister, Reuben Meade, Director of CARICOM Export Development Project, Earl Bacchus and Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Finance, Wendell Mottley share their views with Correspondent Sandra Baptiste on the issue of the free market, free trade regime and the common external tariff (CET) (08:04-12:15)
5. Antonio Colorado, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in Washington, says the region is not making full use of the funds available to it under the Caribbean Basin Initiative program. He further elaborates in an interview with the anchor (12:16-14:13)
6. In cricket, pace bowlers, Kenneth Benjamin and Courtney Walsh are selected to play against South Africa in the upcoming test match in Barbados (14:14-14:40)