Caribbean Report 04-10-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with anchor Yvette Rowe (00:27).
1. Jamaica’s embassy in Moscow has been fairly close to the activity as rebel forces loyal to the Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin battle for control for the White House. Paul Robotham, Jamaican Chargé d'affaires to Russia gives an account of the riots and political unrest in an interview with Yvette Rowe (00:28 -03:19).
2. Two convicted murders in Trinidad and Tobago who have been on death row for fourteen years are awaiting a verdict on if their stay of execution will be granted. The Privy Council is expected to give a landmark judgment on the Pratt and Morgan case – Tony Fraser reports (03:20 -05:36).
3. The Guyana government is optimist that the long delay in the local municipal elections could be held early next year 1994. The major delay reasons were if a simple or two thirds majority should be required to make elections commission decisions binding – Owen Gordon reports (05:37 - 07:32).
4. Caribbean and Latin American banana farmers met in London and suggested that they should unite for price stability purposes. Gilbert Bermudez, Secretary General Union of Agricultural and Plantation Workers in Costa Rica notes that the battle lines should be redrawn in the so-called banana war. Renwick Rose, Programme Officer with the Windward Islands Framers Association gives his views on where the rift exists within the banana industry. Grenadian born Lord David Pitt in an interview with Carol Orr also shared his analytical views on the situation (07:33 -13:30).
5. Two female flight attendants remain hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Miami, after a small explosion onboard a BWIA MD80 flight from Miami to Barbados, which is being investigated by the FBI. The cause is believed to be a faulty piece of equipment – Yvette Rowe reports (13:31-14:53).