Caribbean Report 07-01-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. The region's biggest media conglomerate, the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) welcomes an emergency meeting with Caribbean Information Ministers to help bail them out of a financial crisis. CMC was forced to shut down its operations in Barbados because of big budget deficits. Sir Ronald Sanders comments that the region can not afford to lose the CMC and its Chairman Lester Spaulding states that they would involve the CARICOM Secretariat in any discussion of their future (00:30-05:30)
3. Leslie Goffe reports on the latest recruitment drive in Jamaica by the New York Board of Education which could lead to an exodus of teachers from the island. Una Clarke, the chief architect behind the recruiting makes no apology for raiding the region's best to improve New York's worst. Edwin Thomas, Information Officer in Jamaica's Ministry of Education comments on the recruitment drive (05:31-10:05)
4. The Dominican Republic states that is will not hand over to Haiti the former police chief Guy Philippe, who is accused of leading a coup attempt against Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Emma Joseph and Jean Michel Caroit comment on what options are open to the government (10:00-12:12)
5. Britain's international development charity, Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) expressed its concern over the image that Britons have of developing countries. VSO Chief Executive Mark Goldring comments that agencies should try to promote a range of coverage, not just negative images but the reality of life in the developing world (12:13-15:20)