Caribbean Report 08-12-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Keith Greaves (00:00-00:27)
2. Regional natural disasters are a major focus of the ACS meeting lin Barbados. Bertrand Niles reports (00:28-02:25)
3. CARICOM Chairman Kenny Anthony is suggesting a new approach in tackling business and trade issues at this year's Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Latin America. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony is interviewed (02:26-06:31)
4. The Caribbean steps up its banana industry. Prime Minister Edison James is interviewed (06:32-09:38)
5. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Finance Minister Arnhim Eustace presents his budget presentation in Parliament on Tuesday. Dr Ralph Gonsalves is interviewed and Mike Finley reports (09:39-11:38)
6. Haitian exiles in France call for the trial of Baby Doc Duvalier. Hugh Schofield reports (11:39-13:18)
7. In the Dominican Republic, the trial into the murder of prominent journalist Orlando Martinez, who was killed twenty-three years ago, has been adjourned until the end of January next year. Jean-Michel Caroit reports (13:19-15:23)