Caribbean Report 07-05-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines by Leslie Garth (00:00-00:46)
2. The EEC and the ACP ended an important meeting today. The meeting resolved few issues between trade relations as Sharda Islam reports (00:47-02:47)
3. After the EEC and ACP meeting, Sharda Islam raised questions on trading issues with regard to sugar and banana export from the Caribbean. She spoke with Guyana’s Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge (02:48-06:18)
4. Antigua’s government members are hauled up before the United States Senate in a gun running and racketing scandal. If this scandal proves to be true, sanctions will be made by the United States. Tim Hector, leader of the Antiguan Opposition party speaks about the next move to get the Antiguan VC Bird government to step down (06:19-09:03)
5. Haiti’s three month government led by Jean Bertrand Aristide is fighting off criticism that it is long on rhetoric but short on solid economic activity. A representative from the private sector speaks to Leslie Garth on what the private sector is looking for from the Aristide government (09:04-11:59)
6. St. Lucia based environmentalists are behind the initiative to get the Soufriere lush region and home of the majestic Pitons mountain peaks to become a national heritage site. Charles Rumulus, President of St. Lucia National Trust speaks to Pete Nimvalle on how likely the initiative will succeed (11:60-14:34)
7. Leslie Garth concludes the report (14:35-14:49)