Caribbean Report 11-03-2002

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Richards, Ken (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Sawyer, Jerome (interviewee)
McKinnon, Don (speaker)
Charles, Pierre (interviewee)
Cova, Errol (speaker)
Nunez, Neil (correspondent)
Forbes, James (speaker)
Gomes, Carolyn (speaker)
Ashcroft, John D. (speaker)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Outgoing Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Ingram announces general elections and current Tourism Minister Tommy Turnquest as leader designate of his Free National Movement (FNM). Tommy Turnquest will be up against the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) of Opposition Leader, Perry Christie. The governing FNM is going into the election with an untried leader and a recent defeat of a referendum on constitutional changes. Ken Richards interviews BBC Caribbean Report’s Jerome Sawyer (00:25-02:38)
3. In Zimbabwe the main opposition party seeks another court order to extend voting in the Presidential Election into a fourth day, however the government ordered all polling stations closed and the high court rejected the opposition’s request. A Commonwealth Observer Team is closely monitoring the elections and Secretary General Don McKinnon denies his organisation shows itself incapable or unwilling to defend principles of good governance and democratic practice (02:39-03:41)
4. Speaking ahead of the Zimbabwe elections, Dominica’s Prime Minister, Pierre Charles, defends the “wait and see” approach taken by Commonwealth leaders (03:42-04:52)
5. In Curacao officials say the formation of the next central government in the Netherlands Antilles will not be hampered by raids into the homes of Frente Obrero party members. Errol Cova, Crusade Labour Party of Curacao, comments as well as Mr. Anthony of the Frente Obrero party who is leading the formation talks and whose home was also searched. Neil Nunez reports (04:53-06:49)
6. After Jamaica police shoot and kill five robbery suspects Deputy Superintendent James Forbes says, if you engage law enforcement with guns you can expect to be “taken out”. Officers have killed twenty-nine suspected criminals in less than three months. Dr. Carolyn Gomes, Chairperson of Jamaicans for Justice, expresses concern and says everyone should obey the rule of law, including the police (06:50-09:39)
7. The Privy Council in London upholds a ruling that the mandatory death penalty is in violation of the constitutions of six O.E.C.S. countries and Belize. The government of Saint Lucia appeals the judgement of the Eastern Caribbean Court in the case of Peter Hughes and further interventions are made by the governments of Grenada, Antigua/Barbuda and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Amnesty International welcomes the decision as a step toward an execution free Caribbean (09:40-10:17)
8. At a meeting in Port of Spain with Attorneys General and Ministers of Justice in the Americas, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft lists various ways in which the Caribbean and other nations in the hemisphere can cooperate with the United States against terrorism and he responds to questions about the possibility of American installations in the Caribbean being targeted by terrorists (10:18-11:11)
9. Customs, security and immigration officials from the OECS meet in Saint Lucia to discuss security matters in relation to the sub-region’s free movement initiative, ahead of a deadline for parliaments of participating states to enact amendments to their immigration legislation. Saint Kitts and Nevis Police Commissioner Fahie and the Director General of the OECS Secretariat George Goodwin (Jr.) discuss the initiative, while OECS Legal Counsel Philip La Corbinière comments. Pete Ninvalle reports (11:12-13:58)
10. There is growing concern in Saint Lucia over the proposal to allow free movement of people within the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Some members of the creole community believe it will badly affect job opportunities for a large number of people. Kennedy Samuel, Director of the Folk Research Centre comments. Rosie Hayes reports (13:59-15:28)